Stockholm and the archipelago, a small literary guide

The Sweden , like the rest of northern Europe, has always been one of my wishes. For a long time I dreamed of organizing a trip to Sweden: I imagined the places, the cities, the landscapes and thanks to my readings I managed to live and the wonderful Swedish spaces.

After having read so much on Sweden, last June my dream took the form of a plane to Stockholm . The funny thing is that I felt at home, even though I never set foot in Sweden before.

My first encounter with literary Stockholm takes place by reading " Men who hate women " by Stieg Larsson, published in Italy by Marsilio. Initially impressed by the bulk of the novel, reading it I realized how it was smooth, captivating and pleasant.

Mikael Blomkvist is a well-known investigative journalist, co-editor of the Swedish magazine Millenium. One day, the journalist receives the call of the powerful industrialist Henrik Vanger : the man needs Blomkvist to find out what happened to his beloved niece Harriet, who died in 1966. On the anniversary of the disappearance, every year, Vanger receives a dry flower framed. Mikael Blomkvist investigates helped by the hacker Lisbeth Salander .

The success of the Millenium saga , which includes two more volumes than Men who hate women , has been so strong that the Stockholm tourist office and many private guides have started to propose the Millenium tour , a tour that takes visitors to the novels by Stieg Larsson .

Among the most interesting, Mikael Blomkvist's house at the beginning of Bellmansgatan, a luxurious building with a unique view of the Riddarfjaerden canal and the old Gamla Stan city ; the editors of the Millenium magazine , on the corner of Götgatan and Hökensgata, right next to the Slussen underground station .

The enchanting square of Mosebacke, with the statue of the Sisters of Nils Siogren in the middle , a place where Lisbeth meets his lawyer Annika, and they drink beer sitting next to the Södra Teatern.

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