"For three months I have become an avid reader and now I can no longer stop": the 3 tips to succeed

One of the discussions that ultimately rages on Reddit concerns just the best way to boycott the aforementioned social network: read.

The message that started the forum dates back to the extraordinary discovery of Alienhippy, a user who in a few months became an avid devourer of books – so much so that he could no longer stop. The quality of life has risen so much that it has pushed him to share some advice with the community.

  • 1 – Set yourself a goal
    The first motivational advice of Alienhippy is: the average individual reads about zero pages a year; reading even five pages a day is therefore equivalent to reading something more than the average individual. Of course, in the forum there are those who object that five pages are not enough to be captured by the book, but everyone agrees that it depends on many variables: time available, for example, or concentration. Pursuing a certain number of pages a day, however, helps to forget smatphone and social networks on the corner and to lose the bad habit – especially for the less accustomed readers – to get distracted
  • 2 – Do not feel forced
    Secondly, reading does not have to be a constraint: that's why it takes only five pages a day. Slowly you get to read up to 100 pages a day without effort (quite the opposite: you get to a point where even the most daily pages will not count). There are users who adjust their reading according to the chapters – or according to paragraphs, if the chapters are too long – and readers who regret having to wake up early the next morning because they would like to spend the whole night reading, regardless of the passing time.

  • 3 – Jump from one book to another
    The user then seems to have arrived alone to the conclusion that Daniel Pennac had included in his "unavoidable rights of the reader": the right not to finish a book. The third council, in fact, is to skip without too much trouble from one book to another, if the first one makes us close our eyes after the first few lines. The more the genders are differentiated, then the better the mind will be refreshed between one passage and another.

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