Books to read, to each his list

The one for the lists is a real passion. It's a smart way to discover new books. Here is a guide to the best lists of beautiful books, of all kinds and for all tastes. Reading tips always up to date: from the literary horoscope to the list of books that have a brilliant title, from books on the eighties to the list of books that everyone pretends to have read.

There is a way to deal with "the topic books" that we love more than anything else, and that is the list of books to read. The list is an ancient and extremely current way of dealing with problems and putting things in order. 

The lists do not have the real goal of determining which are the best books, and rarely they plan to talk about the hierarchy or the ordering (if this book is better or worse than the other one, in the end, it's impossible to say) . 

The only thing that matters, in the case of lists, is if the book is inside the list, or if it is out of the list (and if it is out, remember that it could come later because the lists can be stretched as you like) . 

Lists are a good way to orient themselves, and therefore to  learn to read well , and they are also the tool through which to express a vision of the world. The criterion for creating a list, of course, can only be subjective. It's like the shopping list:

the list responds to a need, it is the expression of the point of view of who the list does it. For the same reason we love lists, we do not particularly like book rankings (apart from our extraordinary self-publishing ranking, of course). But if we stay on the subject of lists, here is a guide to the best lists of beautiful books, of all kinds and for all tastes. Enjoy the reading.


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